Why can’t you see|.

You say you had enough, enough of me.

Say a contagious cough got me & men are pills I keep taking them in – just restating what others be saying. Yet every time you come inside me…

-you ask the man above the sky, “keep her by my side.” You want to forget me but my cough got you up so late at night…

-you ask the man above the sky, “why couldn’t I be prescribed to her?” But you see I think I really am sick…

to need a man who’s been blinded by the words of men, I’ve never had.


11 thoughts on “Why can’t you see|.”

  1. Coming inside you = daring detail. I like. “Man above the sky” also. Smacks of how anthropomorphic (i.e., fashioned in human image) God can be. Why should humankind be the center?… The feeling of sickness I can relate to… Very thoughtful at a gut level. Thanks. Keep writing.

    1. You made me smile, and how well you get it makes me smile even more. Thank you friend! & I definitely will:) thank you, can’t thank you enough

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