A line of coke|.

Such a busy man. Much more than just a dealer, he was the business.

For us love was too early – by our fourth meet, under the moon, there near the river, he became my first lover ever… I should of never said yes – rephrase, i’d say yes again, guess it wasn’t a phase, that face had stories I embraced. His vicious ways, suspicious subjects/ I was a Julie who hadn’t figured her suspect Romeo yet. Consciously, underneath my heart raced, the more I thought of him the more my ears learned the corners of his earth… back and forth, I looked no furthermore.

But in the mist of romance I heard the hurt because it hit me like Alberto baby. My soul fought to ought to let me know his hoe-homeboy’s-ha-honey was out to end it. Ended a full month of real cocaine to go back to crack… it was clear now, he was a regular dealer with a chronic disease and compulsive – pause – was i first or second… him narcotic, her psychotic, no antibiotic to end this hypno—tick-tock he called her, still loved her… loved me till her return.

If I would of bet Romeo was mine, I Julie, truly be in debt.


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